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You can take the stress out of your practice by knowing that your radiology exams have been read by board-certified specialists in oral and maxillofacial radiology. Whether you use our services for some of your exams, most of your exams, or all of your exams, your results are reported accurately with a minimum amount of turnaround time.

Put the DentalRays staff to work for you today

The field of dental medicine is full of specializations. No dentist or dental specialist can possibly master every specialty field-there simply is not enough time. Oral and maxillofacial radiologists, like other board-certified dental specialists, receive an additional three years of specialty training after graduating from school. No matter how good you are at interpreting your radiographs, it is always better to have them reviewed by a board-certified specialist.

Consider how important a radiograph is: the decision to operate can be based on a single x-ray. Do you want to risk the chance of an error in your interpretation? Errors of interpretation can be made through misdiagnosis and omission of diagnosis. Both errors have the same unfortunate consequences.

It is not unusual for dentist or dental specialists to send their radiographs to colleagues for second opinions. Ordinarily, only universities and large referral centers have board-certified specialists on staff. A partnership with DentalRays increases the confidence general practitioners have in their diagnoses, which in turn increases the level of medicine they practice. Most importantly, working with DentalRays impresses patients and shows them you are offering the best service available.

Call 1-800-865-9100 and put our radiologists on staff at your facility today.